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Omadhoo Island - A Hidden Paradise in Maldives

Omadhoo is an unspoilt, authentic, simple and quiet local island. This trip is for adventure seekers and travelers looking for a raw, cultural, "real" Maldivian exploration. Gone are the days when floating breakfast was a hype, If you don't want to be amongst the people who enjoy super cold food while struggling holding the tray which is continuously drifting away and want to travel for yourself while exploring this island country like a real explorer trying to conquer your fears and not like a tourist doing regular normal touristy things then Trip to Omadhoo is the perfect one for you !

The scenic Omadhoo island is situated 65 kilometers from Male International Airport in the Southern Ari province (locals refer to it as Alif Dhaal). There are fewer than 1,000 residents on the 3 square kilometer island.

Visitors can become familiar with authentic cultures and daily lives on a fishing island, which is a contrast contradiction to the majority of resort islands in the Maldives. Only few residents leave home island, this explains why islands like Omadhoo have successfully preserved the way of life and the centuries-old customs passed down through generations.

The trip to Omadhoo is full of exploration and off-beat activities like island hopping, snorkeling at multiple reefs, sunset cruise, night fishing, beach bon-fire with barbeque & much more.

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